Welcome Into My World…

Virginie Pringiers

Yeah! It’s Moonday gives a new life to old furniture by renovating them in a new & creative style, with trompe l’oeil, patines, special paintings (…) according to your wishes and desires. You can find with us beautiful ideas  for your living room and interiors.

I also have some furniture in stock, refurbished and restored for sale, and provide as well customized painting and decorating services, art coaching and teaching lessons of paintings in “trompe l’oeil” (false marble and false wood), serving individual clients and corporates.

Last but not least, some of my paintings are exposed on Addicted Gallery – click here – which complement the artistic environment of Yeah! It’s Moonday and allows you to apprehend it in its entirety.

About me…

I was born in Belgium in a family of collectors spending all our weekends in flea markets, always surrounded by beautiful pieces and beautiful furniture.

Following my time studying art over a period of 7 years, including painting in “trompe l’oeil” at the prestigious school Vanderkelen in Brussels, I decided to focus on the art of antique furniture restoration and was trained for 2 years by a Belgian Master in this specialist area.

Singapore is a country which has restored my passion for art as it is a mix of so many beautiful cultures, this has driven me to paint my emotions and give a new life to forgotten furniture.

If you are as passionate about arts and furniture as I am, we should definitely meet!

+32 (0) 484 57 86 61