Join us for 3 hours, during which I will teach you all the secrets of the false marble painting techniques…

Painting of “trompe-l’oeil” on furniture, especially false marble, allows to give new perspectives and enhances some old pieces by giving them a second life, reviving their initial beauty which can be faded over time.

There will be an introduction by explaining the origin of painting in “trompe-l’oeil” with examples of famous ancient European painters and their works.

After the introduction I will teach you the best techniques for painting false marble by introducing the material to be used and how to use it. You will imitate my gesture in order to exercise your skills.

You will then be able to practice on a sheet of rice, used as a draft, and will thus get more accustomed to the use of the different tools, while seeing on paper the first results of your coaching.

A second practice on a wooden plate, a more technical part and always with my support and guidance, will allow you to see the real intended result as the main purpose of this specific painting is to be used on wooden furniture.

And at last the final step will be for each of you to paint your own small wooden box in false marble, having the pleasure to entertain yourself on a little piece of furniture that you will be able to bring back home.

Feel free to contact me for any information request!

3 hours for 120$ per participant